puddly all over

2015-03-10 13.40.14 Well THAT’s lying, but to be fair it is in direct sunlight.  Spring showed up the other day…or at least the beginnings of mud season…no I don’t look at the calendar. I look at the driveway, and it’s all puddly.  The snow is melting very quickly, it may not have been 80 degrees the other day, but I was outside in a t-shirt for a couple of hours, so it had to be at least 50, well maybe it was 60- something but i’m from Maine now and we aren’t pussies.2015-03-08 16.38.44

After I shoveled the piles of melting snow off the porch, with the sun shining on my face, i got all ambitious and cleaned out the truck, i washed the disgusting floor mat and emptied the truck bed of all the crap I was hiding back there, tell me again what i was going to do with all those pallets and cinder blocks? oh yeah, garden…right.   that’s when the yard is all green and not squishy…still have a hell of way to go yet.  Still 2 feet of snow in the yard, i can see the top of the bird bath, and still can’t get out to the shed to get my bike.2af77efd-7eb5-4cdb-9e85-b4a4d46a695c

I rewarded myself with some fried smelt and chowder at Susan’s Fish and Chip Shop it wasn’t EXACTLY like a day at the beach but it will do until one gets here.  If i am not careful,  I may slowly eat my way through their menu.  Fried food will be a no no for quite a while.    But alas I NEED to get on my bike, or at least get off my ass, I am the absolutely heaviest I have ever been and I am extremely unhappy about it.  I came to maine to DO things damn it!  I picked this damn house because it lays between two large Portland Trails networks.10403007_10153290794120312_2895573225176497228_n

$(KGrHqNHJBkE-gORnzvqBPyRDgy1IQ~~60_12I dragged the damn bikes, and the damn boat up here. Just because I don’t like winter sports, doesn’t mean I need to keep sitting on my ass like this. Among the things I spent my money on lately was a copy of the AMC Maine Hikes but I am SOOO not ready for that… hell I wheeze just carrying the laundry up the damn stairs.   But a girl can dream can’t she?     I have to get out and shed some of this weight first.   We will start with the Portland Trails Map.   I am not yet ready to wear my new Woot T-shirt…. Points to anyone who gets the reference…if you don’t click here.   I am toying with the idea of walking to work everyday once the snow is gone. It’s not particularly far, probably 15 minutes, my issue is that some of it is on streets without sidewalks…busy ones…and that’s just too dangerous. I am gonna have to break out the bike early this year.  Speaking of that… I will need some better panniers for it and geeze…a lock.    Bye Bye frugal February – hello March Madness…..and yes I bought the Moosetini shirt too.




shirt off my chest

2015-02-27 15.00.52Okay this is just a small rabbit hole I went down last week, another in a line of inexplicable behavior patterns. I was reading a book by a thru-hiker and she was waxing poetic about a particular Bob Marley t-shirt she was given. Thru hikers carry very little clothing on their treks, so the three shirts you are carrying take on some importance. So I stood back and examined what t-shirts with ‘stuff’ on them, concert shirts, advertising, souvenir, gift, or experience shirts MEAN in modern American society.

2015-02-27 15.08.12Over the decades I have HAD a few t-shirts with ‘stuff’ on them that I was very fond of, but by this point in my life, I had frittered them away by wearing them and washing them and wearing them out. Personally i don’t LIKE having things printed ON My tits. But I NOW see that having a t-shirt with something on it, is appropriate attire for certain occasions, usually something laborious and casual: hiking, moving boxes, cleaning attics, outdoor group activities like sports, or river cleanups etc…now i have participated in all of these things and because I choose my clothes for their utility and life expectancy, my chosen shirt has nearly always been a solid color thick t-shirt, a navy pocket free Champion – which says NOTHING about me.

2015-03-02 14.52.55Do I WANT my chest to say something? What do i want it to say? since I have avoided collecting ‘participation’ shirts, even so far as taken them when proffered and donating them on the way home.  I had nothing ‘personal’ to express. I WISH I still had t-shirts from concerts I attended back in the 80s and 90s but I am sure I wouldn’t fit in them if i did. I have steadfastly refused all brand labels on my clothes, even so much as removing them with seem rippers, I would be hardpressed to think of one I WOULD promote on my billboard sized boobs.  I would love to have the balls to wear a Hunter Thompson or Warren Zevon’s skull themed design at 28 yes, at 52 NO, that would definitely attract unwanted attention.

So I made up some of my ‘rules’ and I started looking for a couple to add to my wardrobe. narrowing my criteria down to something an actual Mainer would wear but not a tourist. Something not too populist, but not too obscure. On ebay I found that most of  the concert shirts I once owned are now ridiculously expensive, and generally not something i could afford to wear and abuse – aside from that, there about one Jillion shirts on ebay if you have the time to browse them. And the only concert shirts you will find at thrift stores are few and far between, they must all fly out the door and onto ebay within minutes, perhaps even the backdoor. 2015-02-27 15.02.44 By repeatedly checking I found out that if you see something you like buy it cause it won’t be there the next day. That’s why happened to the lobster and the blowfish t-shirts, i was undecided about them, until they were gone.

I eventually bought a handful to try on account – the ‘fit’ would also have to be taken into account.  If I didn’t like wearing it, it would just be taking up room in the drawer so I felt test driving was called for.

2015-03-02 14.50.22

Right now MY shirt of choice is this stylized MAINE shirt.  One would consider it a tourist shirt, but it’s subtle and so comfortable I think i have had it on for a couple of days now. I don’t expect it to last very long if i love it to death.  So far it’s the only KEEPER in the bunch though the Moose is now a favorite design.   And who knows perhaps I will acquire some NEW ‘participation’ shirts as I go along.


goldfish memory

2015-03-06 18.04.32By my count I am about 5 posts behind…i randomly added reminders to my calendar and there are 5 ignored reminders, go figure.  I wasn’t especially busy this week, but I just couldn’t provoke myself to sit at the computer long enough.  I have to be careful, if i sit at the computer for any length of time, then i have to actually WORK. If I avoid the computer I can do whatever I want, and hence all the MUST DO things are still sitting there waiting for me when i have the time to get to it. And a lot of little stupid projects get done while I avoid the big ones.

I had repeatedly refused to set up this fish tank from the 1st day I brought the damn-goldfish  into the house from the pond, yes that’s what I am calling them…damn-goldfish, the goldfish that will not die.  First I put them in bowls, and when i got tired of cleaning the bowls, i tried two small fish tanks, each with a filter, and i got tired of trying to keep those clean, and I admitted i had to set up the TANK.

I have HAD tanks before, and I personally find them a pain in the ass. Perhaps because I never embraced fish as a hobby, mostly just as a distraction. Once it is set up, it is becomes a commitment to keep it attractive and healthy, at practically whatever cost.

As you can see I haven’t painted the living room, not installed a new floor, and I will have to break down the bookcases and NOT be sleeping in the living room to do these things.  That probably won’t happen for a year, so delaying setting up the tank doesn’t really matter anymore.

Of course there was a list of things that had to be done before I could move the fish.    The vintage tank stand was old and rusted and in the last house it held a bookpress and I would have to spray paint it.  The Antique tank, had last held a field mouse, so it had to be scrubbed clean with rock salt.  And I had to buy rocks for the bottom, AND I had to move the dvd shelf from the spot it would all occupy.

10292538_10153057484070312_5908606184154368450_nI did all of these things a little at a time, throwing a coat of paint on the stand every time I turned the laundry and so forth.  By yesterday I was ready to move the fish, and remarkably I got it done without making a huge wet mess, killing the fish or breaking any of the three slippery glass boxes. (hint, i wore my hiking shoes while i did it.)

After spending all that damn money on tanks, filters, and filter cartridges, water treatment chemicals, other water additives, two sorts of foods, heavy duty shelf brackets, now spray paint,and rocks, these damn-goldfish are still alive.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just LEAVE THEM THE POND ? and let them take their chances? maybe they wouldn’t have frozen to death in the 18″ deep pond, but I doubt it.  I could have just given them away, maybe they would be happier somewhere else.  Now I have this tank in my living room that like the cats, and the squirrels will demand attention. That’s not really in keeping with my new life, and my new aim to simplify things is it?  Why the hell do I always  GO the long way around the mountain?  When given a problem to solve that is usually the route I choose.  If I had just given them away this could have been avoided entirely.  I will have to remember this.

balls and jars

2015-02-20 14.28.19

Last year before I moved, I jettisoned all my plastic food containers, regardless of how much I paid for them..all the snap wares, etc… and I went with Wide Mouth Ball Jars ONLY.   I still have to use  plastic grip jars for volume bulk storage…the square shape is more efficient and i won’t drop them and break them. That’s the only plastic I still own but they have lasted quite a while.

I just got sick of all the odd sized odd shaped containers. With the clear fridge shelves and clear jars I can see what’s in them. Sometimes i don’t use them, say if i am putting a leftover meal that i’m going to eat tomorrow, i will just throw a plate over the plate or bowl. but i don’t even use plastic wrap or foil in the fridge. Though sliced cheeses don’t store well in them, cubes or chunks of things do fine. Like baking chocolate and nuts. if you open a can of olives or a can of anything, I put the remainder in a jar with a reusable lid.

The 24 oz is my most useful size, after making dinner, it usually holds all my leftovers, and takes up the least room in the fridge. It will also hold bacon, blocks of cheese, sticks of cream cheese or butter etc..   The benefit of the 24 oz, is that it is straight sided, no neck, easy to get food in and out. I can fit my hand more or less inside for cleaning. The 16 oz short fat one is my second my used size.  I reserve the 32 oz size for soups.

With the one size, ALL the covers fit, no more having to root around for the proper cover.  And I adore the new plastic screw caps from Ball. Ball is also starting to add more lids…a sippy cup, straw holder, and a shaker top but i think only regular size.   I use these jars for almost everything, that goes in the fridge or small amounts in the dry goods cupboard.

2014-04-03 08.46.31


Readily available – best prices are canning season, but even the hardware store, walmart, target. under $15 for 9 or 12 sometimes under $10!  the 24oz come 9 to a case…target $10 

Easy to clean, I have never found them to be difficult at all. the worst that happens is I have to let them soak.

Uniform covers – one size fits all – you never have to ‘find the right lid’. [including the plastic reusable covers, they have a sip and straw lid and now an infuser.

Third party products available… like the Recap jar pour spout   Cuppow Lid,  Wide Mouth Chalk board labels i’m sure there’s more out there.

you can freeze in them. as long as you don’t fill past the ‘freeze fill line’ 

you can store spices and dry goods in them.

the threads fit on a blender., no kidding…i will need to get a blender.

Vacuum food storage units have adapters for the wide mouth ball jars

You can pack a salad in them.  There’s even a little wide mouth sized container for salad dressing. – there HAS to be a yogurt container that does that.

and of course 1001 uses that aren’t even FOOD related.  

I didn’t think about any of those things when I went over to glass, all i was thinking was where’s the goddamn lid for the tupperware!

god save the garanimals!

cedarclosetI wrote this for the reddit minimalist sub, just some oversharing, i thought i’d share.  Yes, it’s snowing again, i never did think i would find snow…oppressive, now I know how they feel in one of those never ending monsoon seasons.

When i moved last summer to what I call the smallest house in Portland Maine, I divested a good half of what I owned, and that was after a couple of years of halving everything I owned already.

Once I moved in, and I realized I wouldn’t have the second floor attic ‘bedroom’ finished until next year. Right now it’s all insulation and rafters, So I blocked it up for the winter. There are no actual closets in the house, I brought a smallish old cedar closet with me, about 5 foot tall and 3 feet wide. The only chest of drawers I brought has 4 drawers and 32 inches wide. So nearly ALL the clothes I own HAS to fit inside these things. I say nearly: the bathrobe hangs in the bathroom, right now winter outerwear hang on the back of the door in the kitchen. I have a rotating amount of semi clean clothes on a chair, you know the clothes you put on when you take off your work clothes. I also have two plastic bins on top of the cedar closet.

I didn’t consciously ‘build’ a wardrobe, when I packed I just started eliminating things I didn’t wear, things that didn’t fit, things that I didn’t like how they fit. Anything I didn’t want to be caught dead in, cept for some painting/work clothes that are basically disposable. Since I moved in September, all the shorts, lightweight pants went into one plastic bin and the short sleeve shirts went in the other. I haven’t completely culled that clothing yet, but there’s probably only about 5 or 6 in each, and that’s including ‘fat day and skinny day’ jeans. In spring I will made further decisions when I put them INTO the cedar closet and take out the long sleeve shirts and winter wear and put them into the bins. The drawers in the chest, have socks/underwear, t-shirts, sweatpants and sleepwear, and the bottom drawer has bed linen. Whenever I can’t get a drawer closed, I go through it and send something to the donation bag.

I won’t say I have one of the minimalist-rotate-the-same-15-pieces-of-clothing-wardrobes, that is JUST not practical attire for living in a place with 5 seasons, (yes MUD is a real season up here in New England), or a middle aged woman who does a lot of messy repairs or house fixing, or gardening or biking, rowing, hiking AND has to retain grownup interview and funeral ready clothing along side things with elastic waistbands. But I CAN comfortably say I have the fewest pieces of clothing I have had since I got my 1st charge card.

Most of my clothes comes second hand, I LOVE finding high end clothes for pennies. I do buy my jeans, underwear and socks new. But everything else has been basically curated. I am partial to classic (read boring) LL Bean-ish style clothing, I own a lot of Bean, mostly for the guarantee, as I am rough on clothes, but if you stick with a certain color pallet and simple lines, You can basically consider them Garanimals for adults. If I stick my hand in the cedar closet, most of the shirts and pants and sweaters will all match each other. I’m also pretty redundant, if I put a hole in the front of a navy blue polo, I will keep an eye out for another navy blue polo. (lately I have been just buying specific things off ebay, i can just type used short sleeve henley t-shirt in my size and find exactly what I want.)

A few minutes ago, after coming in from raking snow off the roof, where I was wearing my one thick long sleeve oatmeal Henley (surprisingly not from LLBean) and my navy fleece zippered vest, jeans and LL bean boots. I pulled ON my thick sweats pants, a pair of thermal socks and my Champion hoodie. And I realized, they were all basically the ONLY one of each item I owned. (not the socks!) I didn’t have to figure out which hoodie, or whether it was clean or not. It’s MY hoodie and when it finally dies, I will replace it with exactly the same thing. It’s either cleanish hanging on a hook or in the laundry cycle.

I own about 4 pairs of business casual pants for work, (black, navy, khaki and dark green) in the bin there are some capri length for summer and I rotate them with a couple of solid polos, or striped long sleeve oxford shirts. I have two cotton sweaters, one heavier and one summer weight. I have a pair of leather hiking boots, I have been wearing for this winter, and someplace I have some leather driving mocs, and some canvas grasshopper shoes (1 pair blue, 1 pair khaki) I will wear in better weather, when I am NOT wearing my New Balance sneakers. (1 pair for mud season and sports/1 pair that are newer and cleaner – same model) My long navy wool coat didn’t make the move intact..don’t ask (i am on the lookout for a replacement), so my ‘winter’ coat is a big man’s EMS unlined hooded jacket, which comes down over my butt like a parka, but gives me plenty of room to layer up on the inside. and once I stop double layering I switch back to my LLBean Canvas field coat, (also bought in a thrift store NEW with tags!) which takes me through the rest of the year. Though I have find a blue woman’s barn coat for this summer.

No, I am not the most stylish person, unless you call ‘frumpy’ a style, but by keeping my choices limited, things that don’t fit, just don’t stay. Everything goes with everything else, and there’s really no room for something I don’t wear. I certainly save a lot of time deciding what to wear, and definitely a lot of time doing laundry.

Lizard brain

2015-02-09 10.11.56 Yeah, i know….there was a time when i would have never set foot in another cubicle. And indeed, I walked into this normally soul crushing abattoir of my own free will, and within a few weeks I became addicted to the paycheck. Never fails. But the little day job, is surprisingly interesting and relaxing. For four hours a day I chase shipments that I have no vested interest in. I get paid if I find them or not. And when its time to go home, i go home. Yes, it’s part time with no benefits and less security, but it’s within walking distance…in good weather…and doesn’t aggravate the piss out of me. Nice work if you can get it.

On the other hand, I got lost up inside my head for the last week or so. And I am pissed about it. I got that terrific offer to edit a book from a regional publisher worth a damn, and what did I do? I got brain freeze and couldn’t write a fucking lick until I sat glued to my chair for eight straight hours with the space heater between my knees. I made it out to be a monstrous undertaking. I tried, threats, bribery, humiliation,i had delayed as long as possible by cleaning everything i that crossed my path, i confessed to friends i had a block and needed a kick in the ass…i put the goddamn tax bill on the front of the fridge as motivation…unopened of course…in the end I just got bored of my own shit and started typing…and i typed for eight hours. Luckily I didn’t wait until the eleventh hour, basically the ninth hour, so I still have wiggle room. Not a particularly safe position. The Eleventh hour is better, you have a definitive deadline and you work like a madman until its done. Having any wiggle at all means there’s a part of my lizard brain always trying to find reasons not to work, and ways to get around not working. And trust me the threats of losing my entire lifestyle over it is nothing, the lizard brain doesn’t care. The lizard brain knows no fear. The lizard brain is an evil shite that can only be trusted to do what is not good for me.

Maine Starter Kit

2015-02-12 15.03.54And more snow came…. it is still outside I haven’t even gone out to greet it yet. I did get the snowshoes..which by the way, these new ones don’t do dick about walking ON the snow, you still sink down, but it makes pulling your foot OUT a little easier. I am wishing I had kept some of the old ones which are much wider, they tamp down the snow as you walk. Using them I was able to get over to the lee side of the house where there is only a foot of snow on the ground. I made a trench around the vent from the heating system. If it gets covered I will have a lot more to worry about than that. I also dropped $60 on roof rake… practically the last one in the city. I managed to scrape the snow off the front of the house, and made the piles on the porch much bigger. But hopefully the exposed ice dams will get a chance to melt a little.

2015-02-12 16.03.05 The a back of the house is more problematic. I was able to shovel the 1st few steps of the back stairs…only because the back door opens IN…and boy aren’t I glad I won THAT argument with the contractor. If I install a screen door it will have to have hinges that swing both ways or I will be stuck in the house for ever. After I cleared a few stairs, I started on the trenching around the back of the house. I will need to double that in width, cause there’s snow on the back porch roof that will have to go someplace when I pull it down. IF i can pull it down. I may have to buy another extension for my rake. Maybe afterwards, i can rent it out for $5 and make some of my money back.

2015-02-13 15.25.23 Apparently we got off lucky today and only got about 4-6 inches. that’s not the problem the wind has kicked up… I swear snow blows OFF my neighbors flat big yards and ends up in piles in my yard.


small house, big snow

2015-02-10 10.29.23 I took a snow day from my part time job today…ostensibly to tackle the snow problem…but actually I wanted to get ahead with the editing job….i confess i DID shovel a bit, not enough…it’s never enough it seems..but despite carrying the project around with me from room to room since yesterday afternoon I STILL haven’t done anything with it. I don’t know if its writer’s block, i doubt it, and i don’t think there is such a thing as editor’s block..i think i’m just being a dick. I have doubled the dose of caffeine needed to do the job but i still don’t feel awake. I shoveled the porch and the walk and made a bit of a stab at the end of the driveway. I haven’t bothered unlacing the boots, I need to get the rest of it done AND i need to get some editing done… After all I am PAYING for it by losing 4 hours of day labor… that’s the same as if i HIRED someone to do the snowblowing..which i really should have done. More snow coming on Thursday you know.. and it’s wasted daylight I need for editing… I think we both know that when the sun goes down I’m pretty much a zombie. I can’t decided what to blame…the snow, the seasonal affective disorder or just my laziness. To be fair, this is a shit ton of snow.   If I fell out the back door I would definitely drown in it.

2015-02-10 11.30.38 I should write a post called ‘the Fat Chick’s guide to Shoveling’ – Basically do it in stages, small shovel, small scoops, allowing me to fling them extra far up over the 8 foot drifts. These leather hiking boots are the best things I ever found at a Goodwill. $189 boots for $20, warm, waterproof with good tread…as much as i have loved my LL Bean boots over the decades, they are cold on the feet and slippery on the bottom and overheat when you come inside. These vasque brand I can wear all day, which i have basically been doing. All the rest of my outerwear came from thrift shops EMS shell, Vintage red checkered flannel shirt, fleece vest, scarf, gloves, ear muffs etc, all  so i can go out bundled up like a tick and start shedding pieces of my clothing as I start to overheat. When I get to the point where I can’t take anything else off, I come inside to cool down and warm up. When I am dry enough I bundle back up again to go out and do it all over again. Everyday when the mail man DOES Come he finds me outside shoveling, it has become a running joke. I know the shoveling is giving me a workout, it’s good for my stamina, and probably my shoulder muscles, but it certainly hasn’t knocked any weight off. For that I have to wait for spring. Winter is mostly for standing in place and flinging snow as far as i can.


I moved here on purpose.

2015-02-04 13.53.54 I’m running out of places to put the fucking snow. Now when I shovel I am basically hurling it at least 6 or 7 feet into the air and as far as I can. And just when I think I am making headway, I come home to find the city plow has gifted me with another 30 cubic feet or so at the end of the driveway. Basically I am using the 4WD to get out of my driveway..and my neighborhood and then coming back in the midafternoon to spend an over an hour at a time shoveling. I’m the only person on my block doing this manually, everyone else has a blower, cept for the old women who have services. I don’t actually MIND the shoveling, I MIND the fact that it’s just piling up. Back in Mass the snow had the decency to melt down inbetween blizzards, here, THIS year, no sooner do you carve out your little paths, than you get another layer of white stuff down on your neck. And seeing as how it’s MAINE, it’s even considered GAUCHE to complain about the shit. There are entire infrastructures depending on having a decent amount of snow on the ground… not just recreational venues, but people here have cross country skis, snowshoes, skimobiles etc etc…. JUST because there will be snow, and would be sorely put out if there were none or even inconsistent layering. personally I have had ENOUGH to last me quite a while.

I have absolutely decided that the front porch needs roofing…it is just not acceptable, that to walk out of my front door, I have to spend 30 minutes shoveling every morning. If I hadn’t put a back door on the place, I would be so so fucked by now. The pitch of the roof and the angle house causes the monstrous snow drifts ON the porch itself. I have windows where the bottom half are beneath the snow level…. and if i shoveled it? WHERE WOULD I PUT IT? The yard is 4 feet deep… I am definitely getting those snow shoes ‘just in case’ – and eventually the back porch will be insulated and i can add a woodstove…’just in case’. And of course the basement has to be insulated, that’s just a frigging snow cave down there… if there were any water, there would be icicles. Like i said, I’ve had enough….and yes…I MOVED HERE ON PURPOSE. I knew winter would be bad..it’s MAINE. But there’s lots of things I still need to do to bring the little crooked house up to snuff…. I can’t imagine how the woman who lived he before dealt with the porch fiasco, she didn’t even HAVE a backdoor back then.

2015-02-03 14.57.52I tried to write a blog post twice this week… it was mostly whining about Frugal February and how the universe was stabbing me in the back, the lovely white pitcher replacement arrived broken, as did the used Reciprocating Saw, both items have been returned and refunded. So even when I insist on spending money, the universe tries its best to keep me in check.  I did manage to get a used saw off craigslist, surprisingly at an even cheaper price and it came with a battery and power drill, so that worked out.  Alas replacement pitchers will always be out there if I want one…right now I am trying to be a good girl. Aside from a few furtive trysts with Starbuck bottled drinks and a bag of chips, the only rationalized expenditures have been the tools, the ski gloves, a filter for the pet fountain, and a $10 donation to a goat rescue.   The bank account is a little fluffier than normal, however I haven’t paid bills yet, when that happens it will flatline as normal.  The hope is that I can embrace this new frugality. Lucky for me, that the entire world is layered in 4 foot of white stuff.  I have no inclination to go anywhere and buy anything.



12 hours

feeder1That’s how long I lasted…which to be fair was pretty good for me cause by 6 am on the 1st day, I had fantasized about spending quite a bit of money.  At 3 am it was 1 degree outside…and I was awake of course…so I went down the basement with the Infared thermometer One of my favorite things. The basement is not insulated, and about 43 degrees overall. the actual cinder blocks were about 32.  So that’s not good, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.

While in the basement I tossed the laundry into the drier and found that I SHOULD have bought more stain treatment spray but had forgotten to put it on the list. So, now it’s on the new shopping list ..along with Barkeepers Friend..for when I absolutely HAVE to go to a store.

Another snow storm is coming tomorrow, so I added a snow blower on my wish list…for next winter of course. I have SO many things on THAT list, it’s not funny to joke about. I thought i was keeping up with the snow fall, though the driveway is getting narrower and narrower, I can’t manage to chuck what I am shoveling UP and over what I already shoveled.

Also on the TO PURCHASE list for the last week are snowshoes, used ones from the Portland Gear Hub. I wouldn’t have bothered even putting them on the list, not recreationally…but my entire yard is hip deep in snow…and I haven’t dug out the back door at all.  It’s hard enough to keep up with the driveway. So basically if I need to get into the shed or even if i wanted to fill the squirrel feeder, i would need snowshoes. Luckily right now I devised a way to fill the feeder from the porch window but i had to cannibalize my broom handle cause all the SPARE broom handles are in the bloody shed.

glovesSki gloves have been on my TO Purchase list for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t find a reasonably priced pair that fits. In December I HAD bought a pair of used Obermeyer women’s SMALL gloves for about $15 – which is a reasonable price, I think they go for about $40 new. But they had turned out to be too small even for me, so I regifted them. I have been looking everyplace for CHEAP waterproof warm gloves, and finding nothing.  I dreaded being forced to go to EMS or something to try to find a pair I can wear, as I know the price for new would be prohibitive. So for weeks I have been conveniently forgetting to buy new gloves. After I heard about the oncoming snowstorm tomorrow I poked my nose into ebay again, and there again were one pair of Mediums for $15, so I pulled the trigger.  They won’t be here for tomorrow but at least this way I can stop going into stores needlessly.

Yes, I have penalized myself appropriately ONE DAY, and added $18 to my list of budgetary crimes.  I am not sure if this exercise will end up saving me money all around, since I have already purchased a number of things I would have ended up purchasing later in the month.  But hopefully  by eliminating what i was going to buy anyway from the playing field, it will let be SEE what filters through the cracks and identify the things I really shouldn’t have bought if I had thought about it.  Ski Gloves in Maine?  a no brainer.

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