1001 uses for books #304 – drug stash

Books reveal hidden drugs

by Jessica Marszalek in Brisbane

October 03, 2006

EIGHT books held an interesting story for customs officials who discovered a kilogram of drugs inside the covers.

Pseudoephedrine was found concealed inside the books, airfreighted from the Philippines and intercepted at Cairns International Airport on Friday.

Police were questioning a woman believed to be the intended recipient of the package after search warrants were executed on a property in Edge Hill, Cairns.

A customs spokeswoman said the books were searched after an X-ray revealed anomalies.

Pseudoephedrine is prohibited as it can be converted in clandestine laboratories from its legitimate use to produce illegal amphetamine-type substances, such as methamphetamine.

Charges have not yet been laid.

Importing a marketable quantity of border-controlled precursors can attract a maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment and a $330,000 fine.

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