1001 uses for books #42 – room screen

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“I am obsessed with books – every part of them! After making a bookscreen I am left with a lot of pages, many of them are quite beautiful in themselves. Not wanting to waste any paper I started bending the left over ‘bookblocks’ to create bookends. The resulting forms were very sturdy. As a natural progression I started to play with the pages from larger books”. Siena the Bookblock Table was born. They work as an individual table or in clusters. They can be used with or without a tray / plate / book sitting on top (whatever you have at home).”

in from Yiah down under:

“I think that the title just about describes how I feel about this.

I am absolutely appalled by these creations made by Sam Studio as featured on the Sidney Morning Herald Design pages. The sight of these just makes me weep.

There is no excuse for this wholesale mutilation of books. They are made to COMMISSION. Its bad enough that she has ripped these books apart but to then advertise that she can do it to COMMISSION?!?

On her website she says that she love books, and no doubt she would claim that there are different ways of “loving books”.

My response is that she is not respecting all the work that went into writing, designing, printing and publishing the books that she has torn apart, then ask her how she’d feel if she had one of her works similarly treated in order to create something else. It is creatively disrespectful.

This woman is NOT a booklover, and I would urge anyone who feels similarly to contact her via her website, and urge her to stop making these.”

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