1001 uses for books # 503 – crime manual

How-to book found in suspect’s home

Want to make crime pay? Consult your local library.

Police say that was the strategy of 19-year-old Nicholas Paul Macnab of Sandy, who was arrested Feb. 7 after a music teacher claimed Macnab sold a stolen vintage guitar over the Internet.

Macnab was cited for theft and burglary, and a search of his apartment turned up two more guitars, several laptops, three cases of bootleg DVDs, drug-packaging supplies and more than 2,000 pills, including ephedrine, methadone and barbiturates.

And the topper? A Molalla Public Library copy of the book “Money for Nothing: Ten Great Ways to Make Money Illegally.” Police said a chapter called “Breaking into the Drug Trade” was bookmarked.

“The pages were pretty dog-eared,” said Sandy Police Chief Harold Skelton. “He’d obviously been studying it hard.”

Reached at home Friday, Macnab said that wasn’t the case. “It was an accidental checkout from the library. It was supposed to be a Nicolas Cage movie called ‘Money for Nothing.’ Just a bad coincidence, I guess,” he said.

Actually, the 1993 movie starred John Cusack.

Macnab said he hadn’t actually read the library book and “was going to bring it back with some other stuff.” Asked about the other items found in his apartment, he said, “I don’t want to comment on that.”

The book is now on hold in the Sandy Police Department’s property room.

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