ever wonder? • where the folks who say they like books actually BUY their books? there is a thread going on at Flickr- Your Books pool discussion area that asks just that and has some surprising or rather not surprising results.

banktoaster, for some • NEW YORK. The New York Times is opening up access permanently to TimesSelect to all students and faculty who have .edu e-mail addresses beginning on March 13. [via consumerist]

cool tool • you know if you get a free Flickr account, you can load images of your shop into the Second Hand Bookshops Pool . . . . and then geotag it so that the people who like the looks of your shop can see it on a map and come visit you . . . hey its just a thought.

banktoaster • Polyglot 3000 is an automatic language identifier that quickly recognizes the language of any text, phrase or even single words. (via )

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