stalwart/idiot alert • DePauw University severs ties with a national Delta Zeta sorority that purged the unattractive and uncool. – NYT Feb 25th piece on the ‘purge of the uncool’.
and get this – these pinheads are STILL STICKING behind their original bigoted racist, anti-feminist plan! “Delta Zeta national leadership is extremely disappointed that after 98 years, university officials have unilaterally closed the chapter. Sorority officials only considered each woman’s commitment to Delta Zeta’s recruitment plans when it decided which members to evict from the DePauw residence in November. No other factor was considered.” Isn’t it about time we banned this whole sorority/fraternity thing? the only time you hear from these useless gits is when someone dies from alcohol poisoning or gets assaulted at a party.

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