Hooray – New England had 2 straight days of 7o° weather and sunny skies. It was very nice indeed. I opened the windows, I cleaned things. Then the sun went away and the rains came – and now my nose, sinuses and chest are doing disinteresting dribbly things. Thankfully modern science has many lovely drugs which make me not care so much.

BTW – the local ACO dropped off a big old cat who would make a terrific bookstore cat. Amber is an large older altered male with a sunny disposition, a motorized purr and pronounced limp. Apparently he had a broken ‘knee’ that healed without treatment. He gets around fine and is in no pain, but he can’t go back where he came from and he can’t stay here. You know you are in trouble when the Animal Control Officer makes deliveries to your house.

I took advantage of the sunshine and down time to chuck half my clothes into the Oxfam box and replaced it with all new old clothes from the Salvation Army thrift store (Wed is half off) Amazing the fashion liberties you can get away with when you work alone.

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