Yes I am still stoned . . . Tylenol has a new severe cold multi-symptom pill I just had to try – washed down with a quart of chai (I just can’t say chai tea it sounds stupidly redundant) on top of the Nyquil and Claritin I had for breakfast, and I’m wide awake and just randomly surfing for stuff. And I checked in with my regular bloggers, and Sara’s Used and Rare featured a little book Bibliophily, or Book-Love by James F. Willis (1921) which led my mind to remember an essay I read on the internet many years back on removing semen stains from library books. (oh yeah like NO one else draws that image) I have googled for it many times and still haven’t refound it yet. I thought they said EVERYTHING was still out there? I think it was one of those librarian kvetch mailing list things. Anyway I found something else wirth reading instead Of Brittle Books and Twinkie Stains by Eric Pfeffinger a 2001 profile on Indiana University’s Preservation Department. I still look for the other essay now and then – everyone needs a goal in life.

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