Despite the thick layer of snow covering new england today – I feel fine thanks for asking – I slept 12 hours and woke up hungry as a bear, I think I ate my way through the fridge. So much for buying new clothes. Very glad I didn’t put away the snow shovels yesterday.

worth hearing • from NPR Hamlet was put on trial for killing Polonius at a mock trial at the Shakespeare festival in Washington DC.

so much for that • Books that introduce homosexuality to children aged as young as four are to be launched in a selection of UK schools, under a pilot scheme that has sparked outrage from a number of religious groups.

worth hearing • the Iraq National Library and Archive is literally rising from the ashes and being turned into something that goes far beyond what it was before.

worth hearing •
NPR’s On Point – the dark Robert Frost, from the notebooks of America’s great popular poet.

worth reading •
from the NYT – a lovely long piece about the trend of annotated books.’

blog of note • Ira Joel Haber gives us ‘his own private holocaust’ blog post.

hot button • SF radio station KDFC pulls ad for Chris Hedges book American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, after complaints from listeners. What did he think they would do cover him with big sloppy kisses?

well worth reading • from the Guardian [via Reading Copy] a peek at Anton Mosimann’s extraordinary library of 6,000 antiquarian cookbooks.

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