Slow weekend – or rather lost weekend – just when I got vertical again I had to go shovel for about an hour (12″+ of snow you know) and was nearly taken to the ER. So, I crawled back under the covers and pretended you don’t exist for 36 hours. It helped.

talking heads • from NPR Derek Walcott talks about his life in poetry and his new book, Selected Poems, collects his work from 1962 to 2004.

bookselling in baghdad • The AP has a follow up piece on how difficult it for booksellers in Baghad to sell books while a civil war rages around them.

death and taxes and library dues • In order to get his transcripts Wisconsin high school charges a man for missing algebra book after 30 years.

blog of note • Pappy’s Golden Age Comics blog has a post up about fantastic Scholastic Books!

worth hearing • Gregory Maguire contributes a lecture “Little Women: Lesser-Known Characters from the Hebrew Bible,” using the Hebrew Bible reference to the Witch of Endor and her prophecies to King Saul about his imminent death, Maguire will consider the correlation of prophecy and sympathy in the Book of Samuel story and other sources, including his own work in progress, Deposition of an Oracle.

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