blog of note • from the {rich text} blog – The most expensive things at Amazon Books:Super Bowl Opus MVP Edition (Leather Bound), $40,000 with free shipping. The second-most expensive “book” is a $12,000 collection of 201 psychology books.

well worth reading • Michael Lieberman’s Book Patrol has got the skinny on the first case of Buyer’s Remorse with Google’s plan to scan the entire world. Peter Brantley the director of strategic technology for academic information systems at the University of California shares his feelings about the digitization plan.

site to see • completely off topic I was appalled and disgusted and figured I’d spread it around – from the Consumeristthe American Doll Place – well the doll hair hairstylist refused to cater to a 6 year old’s favorite doll and mocked her mercilessly for not having a ‘real’ doll but one she had bought with her own money from Target. Yeah I vomited too – but hey if they had made my kid cry, I’d a burned the whole store to the ground.

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