Bright spring day and all the recent snows melting straight into my cellar. Always like to rotate a good day with a bad one. Keeps one humble. One of my recent adoptions came because she was too shy and hid all the time. Oh well – what’s one more among so many?

interesting idea • The Brooklyn Public Library may replace its DVD inventory with a Netflix subscription. According to the NY Post, talks are underway to offer free Netflix deliveries to any Brooklyn resident with a library card. [via Consumerist]

well worth hearing • Justice Stephen Breyer guests on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me game show. You SOOO have to hear this. I actually met Justice Breyer once, He is an avid book collector. I was working an ABAA Book Fair and talked to him for a good 15 minutes, then he walked away and someone told me who he was. Boy did I feel like a schmuck.

also worth a listen • this week’s edition of the Infinite Mind radio program which was about laughter.

talking head Rachel Donadio profiles Glenn Horowitz in this Sunday’s NYT Book Review section (including the Books Podcast). Scott Brown’s Fine Books Blog has something to say about Glenn, and Michael Lieberman’s Book Patrol has something much more fun to say.

something new • I’m reading a delicious bit of biblio porn right now, The Triumph of the Thriller: How Cops, Crooks, and Cannibals Captured Popular Fiction by Patrick Anderson Washington Post Book World thriller reviewer. A swell book that not only talks about the antecedents of todays thriller best sellers but how they affect book selling and writing as a whole. I can’t wait to get the other last few chapters that are full of descendants that I haven’t even read yet.

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