trash day • a signed 17-volume first edition of Hugo’s Les Miserables as purported to be found in a Lousianna trash can. there’s a flat signed joke in here somewhere i’m sure.

retread • the AP has a happy little interview with Kaye Gibbons who is revisting her earlier creation. apparently you CAN go home again.

nipped in the butt • the Arizona Senate killed a bill that would have allowed college students to opt out of reading books they considered offensive. I found algebra offensive as all hell…but did anyone give me a break?

zoot suit • Dan Brown is using the UK media circus as a bull pullpit to flog his next book.

word war • Jane Goodall and the great state of Nebraska are squaring off in a death match. The spry 72 yr old primatologist may have finally met her match in the cornhuskers.

power shopping • Jan 28th PA book auction of box lots nets $45K

pilgrimage • Australian journo Bruce McCabe gives us 700 words on his trip to Gutenberg’s Mainz and what he saw there. will someone pay for me to visit someplace cool and write a book report on it? please?

Florida Atlanta University, Lynn University and four middle and elementary schools in south Florida have donated 5,000 books to the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast library.

Pittsburg area school district sends books to Katrina zone

in from Win Schaeffer
a site that markets among other things Nancy Drew Stationary, Address book, Note cards etc…and
a Nancy Drew Guide to Life. who knew this stuff was still being made nevermind used.

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