super shopping • An inscribed copy Schoolboy Lyrics, Rudyard Kipling’s first book is expected to fetch up to 3,000 pounds when it is auctioned in London later this month. Fifty copies of Schoolboy Lyrics were published in 1881 in India by Kipling’s parents without Kipling’s knowledge while he was in England and still only 16. The copy up for sale is inscribed by Kipling and also once belonged to his sister Alice. It is being sold with a handwritten letter about the book from Kipling.

blog of note • Ian at Lux Mentis has a heads up about Wonkette’s heads up about Time and Newsweek pandering to the loyal Bushies and those trying to keep American placated and pumped full of the valium with our heads up our collective asses. Newsweek’s first offense, second offense, Time’s latest infantalism. i have seen the idiots and they are us, archy. WHAT? did they think there would be rioting in the streets? or that sales would go down? or perhaps they think someone will come and bomb their offices?

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