worth hearing • from NPR – Talk of the Nation, David Shapard, editor of The Annotated Pride and Prejudice, talks about the footnotes that appear in the novel that puts the book in historical context and includes literary comments and clarifications.

off the rack • Britain’s Court of Appeal rejected the lawsuit from the Holy Blood Holy Grail guys who claimed novelist Dan Brown stole their ideas The Da Vinci Code. Well you can’t have it both ways guys. Either your non-fiction book was based on FACTS which aren’t covered under copyright protections or your non-fiction book is actually fiction and you are both full of SHIT. Too bad it took millions and millions of pounds in legal fees and wasted court hours for some judge brave enough to bitch slap this into them.

true confession • I don’t really give a shit about harry potter. I liked the 1st 3 books and then the cult of Rowling was born and the screaming started. I got very bored very quickly. Sorry the Elvis train doesn’t stop at this station. Come on – are you really surprised? On the other hand have you tried Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton? shush – don’t tell anyone.

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