April 1 – Edible book festivals abound- dont’ forget to eat a book.

site to see •
Hugh Hollowell of Entrepreneurial Bookselling, started a Yahoo group for book repair advice and ideas, called coincidentally Bookfixers. A few members so far, but not a lot of emails – so perhaps folks can send in their most worrying problems – plenty of room for images) and folks can offer up their ideas about fixes.

worth hearing • from NPR Boston will soon join 39 other US cities when it appoints a Poet Laureate. We’ve always had a poetic tradition here – There was a young girl from Cape Cod, Who thought babies came only from God. . . read more.

cool tools • more things you find while looking for other things. I once got a nice promotional vinyl eraser from IOBA.org and thought it was mightily clever. I never did ask where they had them made. Erasers are much more useful than pens or pencils for booksellers. I am sure there many promoplaces, but i found this one today – Superior Promo, who offer not only square white vinyl but STICK ERASERS, of which you can never have enough.

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