naughty naughty • Well here’s a new trick, perhaps not new but growing in popularity. Crappy publisher of crappy book randomly calls unsuspecting bookstores around the country and places phoney credit card orders for crappy book under false name. Unsuspecting bookseller places order for crappy unreturnable title with book jobber Ingram. Unsuspecting bookseller gets crappy book and tries to run phoney credit card so he can ship crappy book to non-existent customer. In the end – Unsuspecting bookseller is out for 2 copies of crappy non returnable book. Ingram has rachetted up its stock of crappy book from crappy publisher. And crappy publisher has made a tidy sum without having to sell a single book to a single customer. Why can’t I think up stuff like that? Sounds like a hell of an easy way to make a buck. Oh yeah . . . . I have a soul. Click here for the true tale of this little ponzi scheme. and here’s more from Victoria Strauss’s Writer Beware blog. Btw, the Seattle Mystery Bookshop recently purchased two copies of crappy book from crappy publisher Author Identity Press which I hear they are now selling real cheap.

btw – google has put a limit on image hosting – it’s pretty high – but i gotta cut down on my piracy. damn.

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