naughty naughty • New Zealand – a librarian has been sentenced to 11 months in prison for the theft of six rare books from the Massey University library . . . though she has leave to apply for home detention. What do you want to bet she gets it? Damn it has anyone EVER gotten jail time for stealing books?

cookies •
The first ever PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction, a $40,000 prize named for the late Nobel laureate goes to Philip Roth.

worth reading • from the NYT – 44 signatories of a manifesto published in Le Monde assert that it is time for the French to stop looking down on francophone authors. Where’s the fun in that?

cookies • South African author Nadine Gordimer awarded French Legion of Honor for her work about the inhumanity of apartheid

workaround • The author of the euthanasia manual The Peaceful Pill Handbook has struck a deal with Google Books to make the book which has been banned in Australia, available a downloadable document for US$30 ($A37).

essay • Lisa McLendon has a column in the Wichita Eagle – If a book is bad or boring do you finish it?

blog of note • Jeremy @ Philobiblos has a few interesting links as always including one to “Paul Collins’ new piece in the April issue of The Believer on alloynomic literature – that in which a famous author’s name is appropriated (usually but not always after their death). “

and here’s Jeremy write up of the Boston Fair – it’s so nice to watch bouncing baby booksellers – they get so excited about everything they see, every book and manuscript is all new. ah . . . to be young and unjaded.

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