Let’s see – how do I wrap this into one neat orderly package . . . .yes I did make to Concord to see David Sedaris read his work, and it was well worth it if you get a chance. In shirtsleeves and tie he was charming and funny but I kept coming back to the image of a devilish imp masquerading as a substitute teacher. (is devilish imp redundant?) The audience was delighted and as expected looked like cross section of NPR listeners – all white middle class and for the most part well dressed, save for the 3 rednecks in the front row. personally I make it a rule not to go out in clothing I have slept in. Fabrications or no, the crowd was scoffing up the swag left and right. And on that note, Sedaris dealt with the Heard/New Republic affair with a new incredibly funny introduction insuring us that everything he is about to read is absolutely true . . . more or less.

But as nothing goes unpunished – I woke this morning to find that my mother had been taken to the hospital again and NO ONE HAD TOLD ME. Basically my entire family had been NEXT DOOR as well as an ambulance and no one thought to ring my phone or god forbid leave me a note. So, I got the hospital just in time to get screamed at by my aunts for not spending every spare minute with my mother and because my brother can’t be bothered showing up for a scolding. So, they pumped some fluids into her and made her take her meds and no doubt they will target all their fancy imaging toys at her, looking for something they will not find. (but it makes them feel virtuous to do the looking) The long and short is she needs someone to follow her around all day and make sure she eats and takes her meds – but since she loathes me, I think it would be counter productive for me to do it, but that’s just my opinion.

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