well worth reading • Ruhlman.com blog gives Anthony Bourdain the mic again to carve up the Food Network’s embarrassingly long product placement ad called their ‘Awards’ show. If you haven’t read his books you should – he’s a scream.

blog of note • Bibliobloggins has a nifty interview with Canadian SF author Robert Sawyer. Alas i don’t know any authors to interview, as soon as they get famous they move away.

banktoaster • the Practical Archivist gives us the heads up about the American Institute for Conservation of Historic Works directory of experts in the conservation of photographs, paintings, manuscripts, books, textiles, artifacts, and electronic media of all kinds.

good to know • Google Blogoscoped has a long list of ways you can try to contact Google regarding whatever offense or violation they are presently committing. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Google Slut.

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