You caught me, I have been slacking off big time. You see, contrary to popular opinion blogging doesn’t pay. Sure you may get a donation now and then, or 2 bucks from a t-shirt sale but that doesn’t exactly keep the lights on. This last week I have been scrambling like made to actually bring in some coin, unfortunately I have been spending it as fast as I can make it. I have finally gotten a handle on a full LINE of repair products, I got in some leather dyes which sold as soon as they hit the website, so I had to reorder more. Same situation with the adhesive remover and so forth. but I also have some new products coming in – something called Stamp Lift which dissolves gum-based adhesives found on postage stamps and one would assume bookplates. So you can see I didn’t exactly forget you as much as I have been ignoring you – don’t take it personally.

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