obit of note • Author Lloyd Alexander at 83, a prolific writer of children‘s books including the five-book series The Chronicles of Prydain.

suiting up • the Author’s Guild and Simon and Schuster are feeling each other up over the definition of ‘out of print’. S&S is one of the 1st major publishers to effectively remove the concept of a book slipping out of print, forgoing the possibility of the author regaining their own rights. . Simon & Schuster is apparently seeking nothing less than an exclusive grant of rights in perpetuity. So far the Author’s Guild is proving to be the only organization with balls enough to call S&S’s new author contracts the crime that they are. (NYT piece) My guess is that this will not end well – for all those involved – including us.

worth reading • from the Guardian – David McKie declares that yours truly is not the only one who turns magazine ads on their side and uses a magnifying glass to read the spines of books in the backgrounds of photographs.

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