worth reading • from Computerworld an essay by Mike Elgan Why e-books are bound to fail
“. . . Companies like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Fujitsu have devoted millions of dollars over the past couple of decades developing what they hope will be a device that replaces the paper book — the first disruptive shift in the way people read books since the Gutenberg Bible in the 15th century. . . . Unfortunately, these products — as well as the whole product category — are destined for failure. ” (read more) [via Marla Fleischer]

Well, duh . . . the way they are these jokers are marketing them of course they are. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck video you can see what’s gonna happen but you still have to sit through it anyway. The unwashed masses are not gonna pay 400 bucks for something that lets them read the latest bestseller when they can easily read the damn book and chuck it a barrel when they are done at no extra cost. Sure the Japanese want their Manga comics to read on the subway, but they are a more gadget crazy than we are AND more of them ride the subway. E-freaking-Books should be marketed to REPLACE – textbooks, computer software manuals, tech manuals, trade journals any of those big fat overpriced and overproduced doorstops that are outdated the moment you take them out of Barnes and Noble. BUT since these freaking manuals are a lucrative source of revenue for the SAME guys who are flogging the eBooks it isn’t likely to happen. Why they think we want to read the DaVinci Code and celebrity bios on an e-device is beyond me. But IF you hand me a electronic tablet that replaces all the computer books I have ever bought and told me that I could easily upload all the rest of the software manuals I would ever have to buy on it. I would drool like a hungry puppy. But that’s just my opinion and no one asked me.

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