12 hours

feeder1That’s how long I lasted…which to be fair was pretty good for me cause by 6 am on the 1st day, I had fantasized about spending quite a bit of money.  At 3 am it was 1 degree outside…and I was awake of course…so I went down the basement with the Infared thermometer One of my favorite things. The basement is not insulated, and about 43 degrees overall. the actual cinder blocks were about 32.  So that’s not good, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.

While in the basement I tossed the laundry into the drier and found that I SHOULD have bought more stain treatment spray but had forgotten to put it on the list. So, now it’s on the new shopping list ..along with Barkeepers Friend..for when I absolutely HAVE to go to a store.

Another snow storm is coming tomorrow, so I added a snow blower on my wish list…for next winter of course. I have SO many things on THAT list, it’s not funny to joke about. I thought i was keeping up with the snow fall, though the driveway is getting narrower and narrower, I can’t manage to chuck what I am shoveling UP and over what I already shoveled.

Also on the TO PURCHASE list for the last week are snowshoes, used ones from the Portland Gear Hub. I wouldn’t have bothered even putting them on the list, not recreationally…but my entire yard is hip deep in snow…and I haven’t dug out the back door at all.  It’s hard enough to keep up with the driveway. So basically if I need to get into the shed or even if i wanted to fill the squirrel feeder, i would need snowshoes. Luckily right now I devised a way to fill the feeder from the porch window but i had to cannibalize my broom handle cause all the SPARE broom handles are in the bloody shed.

glovesSki gloves have been on my TO Purchase list for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t find a reasonably priced pair that fits. In December I HAD bought a pair of used Obermeyer women’s SMALL gloves for about $15 – which is a reasonable price, I think they go for about $40 new. But they had turned out to be too small even for me, so I regifted them. I have been looking everyplace for CHEAP waterproof warm gloves, and finding nothing.  I dreaded being forced to go to EMS or something to try to find a pair I can wear, as I know the price for new would be prohibitive. So for weeks I have been conveniently forgetting to buy new gloves. After I heard about the oncoming snowstorm tomorrow I poked my nose into ebay again, and there again were one pair of Mediums for $15, so I pulled the trigger.  They won’t be here for tomorrow but at least this way I can stop going into stores needlessly.

Yes, I have penalized myself appropriately ONE DAY, and added $18 to my list of budgetary crimes.  I am not sure if this exercise will end up saving me money all around, since I have already purchased a number of things I would have ended up purchasing later in the month.  But hopefully  by eliminating what i was going to buy anyway from the playing field, it will let be SEE what filters through the cracks and identify the things I really shouldn’t have bought if I had thought about it.  Ski Gloves in Maine?  a no brainer.

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