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from the site: A new website for everyone who enjoys Trollope

Trollope wrote to entertain, and throughout his 47 novels humour is never far away. His books are full of some of English Literature’s most amusing and endearing characters. Trollope’s genuine understanding of human motivations make his characters appear so real that readers come to know them as true friends as they play out their lives on the pages before us. Once introduced to Trollope, it’s hard not to become an enthusiast! Mrs Gaskell, the contemporary author of Trollope said ‘I wish Mr Trollope would continue writing Framley Parsonage forever’, and readers today will feel the same.

Anthony Trollope is a new website which aims to introduce readers to Trollope, a website for an author as relevant to the modern day as to the Victorian reader. The site includes descriptions of Trollope’s novels, his characters and the geography of his imaginary county, Barsetshire, as well as competitions, polls and an insight in this most unusual of men.

Our mission at Anthony Trollope is simple: to encourage visitors to pick up that first Trollope novel and discover the delights of one of Britain’s most enjoyable writers.

I made it 43 years without reading Trollope – am I missing something fun?

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