obit of note • Mark Harris at 84, best known for baseball novels that included Bang the Drum Slowly.

miss reading • From the LA Weekly News:- Ray Bradbury: “Fahrenheit 451 Misinterpreted” the Pulitzer honoree says it was never about censorship.

wtf? • Brian Bennett, a Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal sports reporter had his media credential revoked and was ejected from the press box of a Super Regional baseball game Sunday for providing live blog updates on his paper’s Web site.

“I doubt this is the end of the story,” Bennett wrote in an entry posted later Sunday night. “It will be interesting to see if the NCAA can enforce such a policy. What strikes me as really strange is that someone watching ESPN across the street could have blogged every single pitch without a problem. Also, I seriously doubt anyone was reading my blog instead of watching ESPN.”

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