Osbaldistone has posted pics of his personal library on flickr – personally i am fourteen shades of jealous.

Re: your library

Blog away. Thanks for the comments. I love the room, but it’s like a giant magnet in the house. If there’s a moment when I have nothing in particular to do, I suddenly find myself out in the library.

Funny you say use the word ‘clean’, because I felt bad that I didn’t straighten the room up a bit more before taking the shots. The library table/desk is covered, my backpack is on the floor, and there’s a cardboard box sitting under the window seat waiting to be carried out to the garage. On the other hand, this is really what it looks like – I use the room a lot, and straighten it up occasionally.

Yes, it’s my private library (I still get a charge out of saying that). I’ve always been a reader and a collector (or at least, pack-rat) so I still have virtually every book I’ve owned since I was 20 or so. About 10 years ago, I started paying closer attention to acquiring better quality, more collectable editions. I buy almost exclusively hardcover (some quality trade paperbacks), so I
buy a lot on the used market or I’d go bankrupt.


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