Todays events racefans – while the weather was still nice, I took a run down to Worcester’s Ben Franklin Bookshop to transact some business and pick up some books I had my eye on. I figured I’d do a couple of other things while I was there like picking up some more White Port and spend some of today’s earnings at the delicious Sole Proprietor, but alas the Wine Vine was closed and I chipped a tooth on my littlenecks – so aside from buying some nice books which I already sold, my day was intermittently crappy with a chance of rain (which it did as well.)

Three of my vendors are closed for vacation this week and I am running out of stuff left and right so that pushes some of my shipments back a week – gee I’d like a job where they gave you a week off to lounge around the pool – who am I kidding? I’d kill someone for dental insurance. Right now I really could use that white port to wash down the tylenol.

crab days Sole Propietor

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