rock bottom • well it seems booksellers have been completely cut out of the equation . . . because now there is no equation . . is set up to allow folks to GIVE AWAY their books and earn points towards GETTING free books from other members. At least now we know what we can do with the books that have become devaluated from all the pennysellers on the internet.

zero sum • even selling Harry last volume is so unprofitable booksellers, that even the large chain stores have trotted out the largest range of Harry-crap imaginable.

btw • did you know you can use rubbing compound on your laptop? Neither did I. My HP pavilion looks like I have been cleaning fish on it, the rubbing compound didn’t get rid of all the major scratches but it cut down on all the small and middling ones – as well as restored the original light gray color. Then I applied Armor-All to restore the shine. I would have used a buffing attachment on my power drill, but i was afraid of wearing through the top coat of paint – so, hand rubbed was as far as I wanted to go.

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