Been a busy week here in my hobbit-hole and strangely I am packing and shipping orders every day, but somehow after restocking items and buying new ones, there is never any money leftover. This must be some form of NEW math I am not yet familiar with. Remember that Huge Database project I worked on a few months ago? Well so do I every back breaking – ass freezing moment, and guess what? the booksellers who hired me are refusing to pay me my 1600 Yankee dollars. They re trying to convince me that my 160 hours of labor is worthless. So, yours truly’s life is a little bit more interesting than usual, I get nauseous when I think about filing the small claims paperwork, it’s just not the kind of person I am. I have always done transactions on a handshake. I guess I was just foolish.

what am i drinking

what am i reading

what am i watching

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