must see video • okay this has damn little to do with bookselling, actually it has naught to do with it, but it is a papery thing, so it kinda slides under the wire.

Papersource, the folks who cater to folks who are wayyy more creative than yours truly, have created a little how to video to go with their Gocco machines. Wait let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up. Gocco makes a desk top silk screening machine and apparently stopped selling them to the US. So Papersource has become the exclusive importer of the Japanese version and all its accessories. They have also made a how to video of the gadget and its proper use.

Now, I am not likely to ever get this item and have no interest in silkscreening, as I am very uncreative and can’t draw for shite. But I was enthralled by the video, It does look rather idiot proof, perhaps there’s a bookseller or two out there who thinks they can augment their income with some biblio-greeting cards. [via RagandBone]

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