How’s it going children? So far it’s same shit different week here and it’s only Tuesday. Because of the cash shortage caused by the bookseller who won’t pay me for services rendered yours truly is back on the block. Despite all the love and support sicpress is getting from the bookselling community, I still have utility bills going unpaid. As disturbing as that is, when the credit card company called I just laughed into the phone. It’s all kinda surreal.

Panic attacks are sneaky buggers, instead of sleeping I started pulling large clumps of my personal book collection off the shelves and slapping them up on ebay. Fat lot of good that does, (for the curious) so far all it has managed to do is crank up my fees. And at 2am I faxed my updated resume to a lot of unwary parties: a limo service, a cardboard factory (they had dental), a bookkeeping service and a fire dispatcher (yummy firemen) Cause you know not a lot of jobs list ‘old bookseller’ as a prerequisite. There’s also a couple of temp agencies who think they can make a buck off my ass. Hey bud, I can’t balance my own accounts, sure let me tackle someone else’s, you know that’s always a good idea.

To celebrate I frittered away the remnants of my checkbook at the thrift store cobbling together a few outfits that leaned more toward business casual than antiquarian bookseller [read ‘scary homeless person.’] Wish me luck, I get to pretend to me a normal hire-worthy person for a few days.

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