That was sooo weird….i couldn’t type a word last night and when I woke up it was fine.
Scary…..kinda like a singer suddenly getting laryngitis.

I will get to blogging tonight I swear….but today was totally bezarre…with a capital ‘B’ – it started with a small side trip to Ayer to restock on binding knives, ended up at the post office APC machine shipping the week’s packages. In the middle of that I got a call from a headhunter (read job placement guy) who wanted to shop me to 2 jobs but wanted to interview me TODAY. Since I was dressed for shlepping around packages, I scurried home to make myself presentable and then had what was basically a 3 hour interview…..either it was that or a date in disguise. The guy apparently found my combination of workaholic & poverty row entertaining. After all that I hope he can sell my hide to someone – he thinks he can get me to interview tomorrow for a temp to permanent job that starts at 7am in the morning. I hate to break it to him, the only way I see 7AM is if I stay up from the night before. But since I stay up until 4am, that’s not all that much of a stretch.

Tomorrow is already occupied. I have to scurry around and restock other products – like leather dyes and acrylic document holders. On Saturday I have a Book Fair in Great Barrington, MA which is 3 hours away as the crow flies. Tonight I will be running down the list of people I don’t yet owe money to, so I can borrow the money for the entry fee.

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