from the Sunday Post – Ireland

Workers continue sit-in at Wicklow bookbinding firm 27/07/2007 – Fourteen staff members are continuing a sit in at a bookbinding company in Wicklow town today. Management at Reilly Bookbinders told staff 10 days ago that it was ceasing operations. The workers were laid off with immediate effect and began their sit in the following day. The company is the country’s largest library bookbinders and staff believe their jobs will be outsourced to eastern Europe.

Much braver souls than I am.

from RTE business:

. . . According to Union sources, the offer made today by the company involved €15,000 between 14 people, the sale of two cutting machines and a share in any future profits.This afternoon, the bookbinders rejected the offer and said they will continue their round-the-clock protest until their rights have been granted and a liquidator is appointed to the company. (read more)

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