< <== i dunno what it is, but is sure is ugly.
Note to self: the next time someone offers to give you gas money to take a short run to Boston, to drop off some documents at a government building in midtown on the hottest day of the year in a truck with intermittent a/c on a friday afternoon:
say f’ing NO!

one of problems with people today – they can’t count – THIS is supposed to be a fresh box of 1 dozen erasers, but it is so obviously not. SEVEN does not a DOZEN make. and the guy was insulted that I inferred he couldn’t count. schmuck.

It took me 30 mins to get into town and 2 hours to get back. I have drunk all the lemonade and taken 2 showers and I still can’t cool off. I don’t know what fresh hell is lying in wait for the rest of the day, but i think I will pour myself a cold anything available and watch three stooges videos for the rest of the day. Yes, I think that is safest for all concerned.

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