xmas everyday • Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie has just received the contents of Gentleman Jim Arner’s Wyoming Mercantile Bookshop all in one big tractor trailer!

worth reading • the NYT has an ‘exposé’ of Amazon’s book rankings and what it all really really means.

trampled amendments • the Superior Court in California has succeeded in bulling the tiny Santa Barbara Daily Sound newspaper into turning over unpublished photographs taken at the scene of a gang related killing. basically they were fishing for suspects and figured what’s a free press for anyway if not to make do the investigation for them.

banktoaster • Children’s Books Online: the Rosetta Project – “the largest collection of illustrated antique books on line… we think.” There are literally thousands of free books here, all beautifully illustrated and available for free download.

rumor on the net • AICN is reporting this morning that Frank Darabont (the man assigned to both write and direct the big-screen adaptation of Fahrenheit 451) wants none other than Tom Hanks for the lead role.

something old • Grumpy Old Bookman reports thatRichard Curtis (a smart NY agent) has resold John Norman’s 26 Gor books to Rob Simpson of Dark Horse Books. Sado masochistic bondage and domination porn never goes out of style.

psst wanna buy a bookshop? • Jack D. Hamilton, of rarebookman.com, wants to sell his rare book and historic document inventory lock, stock, and barrel.

worth reading • the Guardian’s Sean Hagan wonder’s how Jack Kerouac’s On the Road goes over with contemporary kids at that impressionable age.

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