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This month’s Bookforum features a good article on Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman (the executor of Parker’s estate) by Marion Meade. from Rebekah Bartlett

they also have a piece on a new translation of Stefan Zwieg’s Secondary Narrators

NPR Interviews Thomas Perry about his new thriller Nightlife
and while we are there, they had a few authors in to discuss a new series of Urban Noir anthologies Worth the listen. The Akashicbooks Noir series itself sounds wicked.

interview • Pittsburgh online has an interview with
Peter Abrahams.

video • Interview with Bruce Sterling

banktoaster • 16 minute Disney hygiene film VD Attack Plan, ya gotta check this out.

green eyed monster • woman with perfect memory baffles scientists.

overkill • from Mother Jones we get the ‘Harper’s Index-like’ Intellectual Property Run Amok among the high points:

• BILL GATES had the 11-million-image Bettmann Archive buried 220 feet underground. Archivists can access only the 2% that was first digitized.
• THE CLASSIC civil rights documentary Eyes on the Prize can’t be aired or sold because much of its archival footage is copyrighted.
• THE PUBLISHER of Super Hero Happy Hour removed “Super” from the comic book title after Marvel and DC Comics stated they own the phrase “super heroes and variations thereof.”

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