“A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.” Stanislaw Lem

obit worth reading •
Solaris author Stanislaw Lem dies at 84.

new tool • Michael Ross stumbled on a new book multi-site search tool : www.bookfinder4u.com

match books • Brooklyn’s Wisdom, Knowledge, Overstanding Books had a suspicious fire yesterday and lost his valuable collection of religious texts.

early bloomer • 13 year old Wisconsin boy translates 20 Icelandic children’s books into English

cookies • Female Iraqi bloggerof “Baghdad Burning” nominated for UK Samuel Johnson Prize for contemporary non-fiction. direct blog link.

power shopping • A ship’s log book written by John Lennon will go under the hammer next month, as well as a 5th grade excercise which is expected to net £1ooK.

dystopia watch • a NY photographer was held, searched and questioned by police for 2 hours for shooting pictures of Westchester flagpoles. i wish i was making this shit up.

naughty, naughty • Troy NY PTA president snitched book fair monies.

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