Gone are the days when I could steal a few hours to surf the net and pretend to be informative by reposting links to other people’s blogs. Now if I have an hour or two to myself, I am usually asleep. Here’s a few things I bothered to collect:

indexing • the Bookshop Blog is building a list of Book Dealers indexed by Speciality

worth hearing • from NPR after the recent financial aid scandal where financial aid officers at universities accepted favors from private lenders,

obit of note • the NYT ran their obituary on Madeline Stern, personally I think they should have put it in the New York Times Review of Books.

obit of note • CNN’s obit for Grace Paley at 84, poet and short story writer.

something new • Fine Books and Collections magazine will be publishing another collectible tom of literary essays by Nicholas Basebanes : Editions and Impressions: Twenty Years on the Book Beat containing more than 30 essays on books and book collecting written since 1988—including the little known essay that was the seed of A Gentle Madness.

something to see • ya gotta see this …..hundreds of variant covers of Kerouac’s On the Road – many languages, many countries – delicious.

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