worth reading • from Smithsonian a interview with Kathy Reichs: forensic expert, best selling novelist, tv show producer and obvious over achiever.

obit of note • the Guardian has an appreciation of the late Magdalen Nabb

see what happens when you steal? • A Welsh school filled a dumpster with furniture, school items and BOOKS a LOT of books….and of course parents ‘rescued’ them. Well surprise on them, the books n’ stuff were infested with fleas…a LOT of them. So now the books and fleas have new homes. Ya can’t fault the institution for pitching the book instead of ‘flea bombing’ them…their job is to protect their students and teachers from parasites. And I suppose you can’t fault folks for trying to get free books outta the trash…been there done that. But ya think someone would have guessed that SOMEONE would reach in and help themselves….so a SIGN WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. – beware books already occupied!

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