….somewhere in all the last few days I misplaced my eyeglasses….not that I’m blind it’s just annoying as hell. They are in the house somewhere I am sure. I also misplaced one of my reporter’s notebooks today…the one with this weekend’s interviews. (it’s probably at the office) I had transcribed everything except today’s adventures, which involved a few laps at the go-cart track….something I hadn’t done since Nixon was in office. I forced a sit down with my new boss, whom I think suffers from attention deficit and when it was over, I had been christened managing editor. (it was more or less through attrition no one else is more qualified…are we frightened yet?) We still haven’t discussed my salary, which is good, because now I plan to ask a staggering amount. As far as I see, the bigger the nameplate, the more things you have to do if you can’t find other people to do them. Besides if he wants my full attention he’s gonna pay for it. We scoped out the new office space – I am trying to get the convenience store people to leave the cooler full of beer for us. (Hey, it could happen.) Then I can have some fun suing the booksellers who owe me money.

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