Haven’t felt like writing anything . . . having a day or two where I just feel like reaching out and throttling someone. Phone interview yesterday for a position that would be purr-fect, 25 hrs a week as an office manager for a historical society – not a lot of hours, not a lot of money, but it would keep the lights on and I can still do all my other 90 jobs – but as with most non profits they are taking their own sweet time, the ‘live’ interview is next week.

Interviewed today with still ANOTHER head hunter (why are they always 20 years younger than me?) this time they have a position open that I have final interview tomorrow and I can tell you right now – I loathe it with a fiery passion, and will probably get it . . . 40hrs a week in a cube, with a headphone and a keyboard – oh joy. I may start cutting out Dilbert cartoons right now good practice for my wrists later. Oh yeah – my brother is hiring someone at $22 an hour to do his part of the fetching and carrying for my mother….wish I could afford to pay someone to deal with her too, but I’d have to work 2 hours to pay them one. See what I mean about throttling someone?

I have deals ON the table right now to save tons of money and buy my special erasers IN BULK for sicpress.com and can’t make a move, since I have a negative bank balance. Don’t even mention the ‘C’ word – those BOA guys are sending a guy named Vinnie Boombatz to take out my kneecaps any day now. So basically if that manic moron from last week had paid me 1 freaking paycheck, I’d have a positive balance and not be eating rice and beans tonight. But alas, I have as much talent for picking employers as I do picking horses at the track.

So enough about me. I have to go pack orders and bottle feed the kittens in the bathroom.
When I get back I will surf the net and see if I can filch something interesting.

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