good news bad news….good news is for the 1st time in 2 weeks, I have no unshipped orders on my desk….IF we don’t count all the lovely folks waiting for the erasers coming from across the pond which SHOULD be here shortly. You can’t see but i have my fingers crossed, either for luck or because I am lying, probably both. I dunno something about an empty desk that is both gratifying and panic inducing – but these days I am prone to panic and insomnia – good thing someone invented the 24 hour food network. Other good signs, if I don’t jinx it, the post office hasn’t lost a package of mine in 4 weeks. Isn’t that swell of them? I dunno if it’s cause I am now using the online shipping services and leaving it out for the mail carrier. It would seem kinda odd that shipping AT the post office is more unreliable.

and the bad news – I interviewed with the soul suckers today….very nice people living in their gray little cubes, doing their gray little jobs. I won’t say I became violently ill when I saw the place, but I did regret eating my Cheerios and Red Bull. Funny no matter what color they make cubicle walls they are always just grayish. Very unstimulating. I felt very sorry for the woman I spoke to…28 years with no window? I’d have taken a chain saw to the place by now. If they call me back, I will take it since I got kinda use to eating regular and this whole cold shower thing is sooo last summer.

In the meantime, I’m working on a new video for you all. seems to be my go to thing when I can’t think of anything to go to.

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