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Since I accepted that cubicle job I have been walking around like I have been punched in the gut. Folks keep telling me it’s only temporary I can quit when I get things stable, but it just feels like failure. No matter how many jobs I am juggling I just can’t get ends to meet, or rather they meet each other and then one end starts swallowing the other like the Don’t Tread on Me snake. I am spending my last days of freedom trying to arrange my life to run on remote control. I have a number of distributors that I visit locally that will have to ship things to me instead. And from one who doesn’t ship, I have pressed a friend into service to do the pick up. Today I took my last few coppers over to the thrift store to find some lunchables, and came up with some containers and some .25 flatware that I don’t feel attached to.

I also came up with some spectacular steak knives….those interested in books can start start reading at this point – Serrated steak knives are the BEST tool for customizing CARDBOARD BOXES. Think about them, they are little saws. When picking a steak knife to add to your desk tools, you want one with a large comfortable handle – the ones in steak houses are good but the often don’t have pointy blades, you need points to start your holes. The point is also good for scoring corrugated cardboard where you want new folds – you want to FLIP the knife around and use the SPINE side of the point held at a shallow angle not straight up and down, you just want to score it, not cut through to the other side. (btw you want to fold down the scored side, not the uncut side) The other most important feature is the blade, you want a WIDE triangular blade that enters the handle without getting decreasing in width. The tang needn’t extend the length of the handle, you just need it to be stiff, without any wiggle. Wiggling will make slicing straight very difficult.

I also bought a hat for a dollar. I didn’t need a hat. I don’t really have a hat head. But I liked it. It is a good quality hat made by Dorfman Pacific, an outdoorsman boonie type hat. What I am looking forward to is anything BUT outdoor trekking. But sometimes you just need to wear a silly hat. You know?

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