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Woman won’t return ‘pornographic’ children’s book to public library

JoAn Karkos borrowed copies from two local libraries and refused to bring them back. The Maine mother was “horrified” by the contents of It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex & Sexual Health. The librarians are threatening to call in the cops: “It is clearly theft”

Karkos wrote in a letter to the editor of her local paper that the book: ” promotes promiscuous sex by illustrations and written content specifically intended to distort, undermine, and destroy wholesome traditional family values. It teaches children they have a right to sex, and that their bodies and others’ bodies are toys made for recreation. Innocence is stolen and minds are imprinted with activities that rob children of the natural progression of sexual investigation. … Sexual predators have got to love this book, which promotes sexual excitement in children, and gets children past the stage of embarrassment, blush and shame, and engaged in its activities.”

Which part of “perfectly normal” did she not understand?

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