cool tool • You may have heard that the NYT in their infinite wisdom finally stopped trying to squeeze every last penny out of its online subs and dropped their ‘NYT Premier’ fantasy. (wasted effort anything GOOD was replicated all over the net within minutes of publication anyway) well much to my surprise they have also started to beta test customized news pages, their My Times is akin to the iGoogle homepage: you pick and choose what you want to see. Back in the dark ages 4 newspapers a day used to arrive in my flat – and several more weeklies – the Ex-hubby made sure the living room was kept looking like a hamster cage. After shucking him off, I slowly cut back to 2 papers a day then one, and now for a long time none. I check the Boston Globe and the New York Times when I can during the day, and figure any local news worth hearing will reach me via human contact (my LOCAL newspaper is a piece of shit) Aside from the few times I do need to line a litter box or wrap some fish, I am quite happy not to recycle 20 lbs a paper a week.

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