For those just tuning in: My mother had her skin cancer spots removed on her face. It’s no secret I don’t like the woman, but really what the hell did they do to her? she looks like Lon Chaney, the father not the son. No one deserves that, sheesh. I am playing hot potato (a reverse tug o’war) with the shelter over a cat that needs more medical care than I can give it. I am pretending not to hate the poor thing and they are pretending not to hear me pleas for relief. I was turned down by the airport limo service and a battery shop, who didn’t think I could lift 75 pounds from the floor to a hand truck…..silly buggers…don’t know shit about bookselling at all do they? I am waiting for 1 check from some editing I did 4 weeks ago and another from that cube farm job I did what 2.5 weeks ago?

On the bright side: Tomorrow I pick up my 1st really large order for my special ink erasers – then I get to spend the rest of the weekend putting the damn things into very tiny bags. I have big plans for those little things, My aim is make the name ‘Eraser Queen of North American’ mean something.

worth reading • from the NYT – WBAI-FM, a radio station that champions the 1st amendment, has been so intimidated by the present regime that instead of broadcasting a recording of Ginsberg reading Howl to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the court case, they elected to run on the internet. They were afraid of being fined out of existence and rightfully so, the powers that be figured out long ago that they can get us to knuckle under to anything as long as they lob enough lawyers at us.

blog of note • Windy Hill Books have some delightful pictures from the 2007 Baltimore Antiquarian Book Fair on their blog.

worth hearing • from NPR’s On Point Richard Russo guests to talk about his new novel Bridge of Sighs.

super shopping University of South Carolina has acquired a copy of 18th-century African American writer Phillis Wheatley’s Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (1773). They intend to offer a searchable digital rendering of her work.

worth reading • Ian Kahn from Lux Mentis has an long feature on Insurance for booksellers.

site to see • Madlyn Blom of Old Bag Lady Books took a site seeing trip to Cabbage Key, Mary Roberts Rinehart’s Florida retreat.

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