busy busy but – that’s good no? well…no…but the busy part keeps you from dwelling on the poverty part. i am inches away from launching my new sicpress.com website, so stay tuned, if only to laugh at all the mistakes.

i am main lining red bull and sushi (rice based foods are frugal²) and basically stopped sleeping and i have in house…get this….seven kittens, the black ones are ready to be adopted but they are on backorder until after oct 30th. yes all you have heard is true. and i have still have that diabetic cat i am ready to kill, if anyone wants to adopt a cat that eats and craps it weight every day, call me. hey, don’t mock, the shelter work keeps me in food and litter – which i wouldn’t need so much of, if i didn’t have fosters…wait, wait let me do the math here…oh great now i have a migraine.

i loaded a few literary stamps last week i just liked this tolstoy…maybe i’m just a sucker for engravings. btw my laptop needs a keyboard…the no caps format is now involuntary….also all the center keys stick, so typos galore.

for those that asked, my moms better, all the bruising and swelling is gone she just has a light scar which will fade – oh yeah she learned a new trick – she gets me to buy her groceries by calling me and claiming ‘she has nothing to eat in the house’ when actually means she has nothing she “wants”to eat in the house. so i end up bringing her hot pockets, ice cream and apple chips things she won’t buy regularly cause they are too expensive.

oh yeah i found a database where you can buy stamps just like the book databases – stampwants.com, i’m looking at listing on it, but it looks time consuming. no, it’s not book related but then nothing in the above is. i have some biblio stuff to post in my inbox, which i will get to if the keyboard holds out. still haven’t got the heat turned on, so i am barricaded in the bedroom with a few cats on the bed for warmth.

ed smith is gonna send us a report from the seattle fair. stay tuned.

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