ok ok i’m back….miss me? yeah i know…there are probably only 3 or 4 of you die hards left out there. thing about blogs is that unless they are watered and tended diligently they die out. folks wander away and don’t come back.

But the last couple of weeks paid off, I had given up trying to create a professionally slick ecommerce site, and in the end went for minimalism, Apparently a lot of bookish folks out there are still on dial-up, and get annoyed waiting for busy sites to load, and there are probably still a few running windows 3.1 . I tell you I love Seamonkey – it’s another Mozilla open source product, like Firefox and Thunderbird, gives you a browser and a composer – appropriately simple for simple minded folk like me. Today was the highlight of my little web creation odyssey I had to call Toronto about 7 times, finally someone flipped the right switch and I could upload my feeble enterprise. So, hopefully it will work out.

On the whole it was a good day, cept for that little bump early on: I met the aide my brother hired for $22 bucks an hour to do his part of fetching and carrying for my mother – or should I say ‘she met me’ she was bubbling over about what a lovely sweet woman my mother was, and I got fed up, asked her if she was on drugs and mentioned something about my mother being hellspawn – as you can guess that didn’t go over real big. I swear I haven’t felt like decking anyone since I was in junior high, until today. But I just stood there and watch the lady have a melt down…it was fun . . . yeah . . . ain’t I a stinker? Hey, when I get old and sickly can I have my life whitewashed too?

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