cool tools • on another Web 2.0 pp, Remember the Milk, a web based task manager which works in concert with a number of organizing applications.

something new • NYT review of HAROLD ROBBINS The Man Who Invented Sex. By Andrew Wilson. well someone had to, imagine all those millennia without it.

naughty naughty • Seinfeld’s wife accused of plagiarising cook book idea, well someone had to. but seriously. . . after handling thousands of cookbooks, i can tell you that there are NO unique cookbooks – just people who think they are.

worth watching • lately I have become addicted to watching the BBC panel show QI on YOUTUBE. nearly all the episodes for the last 5 years are mounted there, cut into less then 10 minutes segments. QI (Quite Interesting) is the brain child of Stephen Fry, and seriously resembles UK radio panel shows. Points are given and taken away frivolously depending on how interesting the panelist is. If we had game shows of this intelligence level in the United States, people’s brains would bleed.

had time to do some surfing tonight ….had to clean the hovel for the coming weather. and I’m too tired to do much else.

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